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Print specifications

Ado The right programs for creating print files are adobe's Illustrator or InDesign and corel.

Cm Color scale design cmyk (for offset group and digital) or pantone (for offset individual printing).

✓ In the cmyk color mix, make sure that the proportions are 10%, 20%, etc. per 10, so that you can achieve correct color printing (eg 72% error, 70% correct)

Φή File format in .pdf or jpg if the file resolution is perfect (we recommend enlarging the file before sending it to be sure of its resolution)

Αρχεία Files must not contain spot colors and RGB images.

. 300dpi resolution.

✓ Bleed (cutting margin) 3mm on each side and cutting points.

✓ All elements of your model (letters, photos, designs, logos) should be placed at least 5mm through the cutting points.

. The cutting points should be registration in the file that you will send.

. Dip points if your form folds.

. All fonts and elements of your model should be outline or curves.

Toca.gr is not responsible in case some of the above specifications are incorrect.

Please check the file for free and highlight the points that you do not feel certain about.

model fringe
Caution !

The red line defines the cut-off point and the yellow line the text security point. 

There is a case where the knife cuts a millimeter further out or a millimeter further inwards.

If the photo or color you put on the background does NOT come out of the red line, white lines may appear if the knife cuts a millimeter further out! 

Also, if your texts come out of the yellow line, they can be cut in the cutting process if the knife cuts a millimeter deeper. 

(see the example of "printing without Bleed") 

correct print file
wrong print file